Sunday, August 11, 2013

My first successful three color gradient...

Oh my gosh guys!! I'm totally happy right now! I just did my first three color gradient and it actually turned out pretty well!

I love it! You can see the 3 colors and they actually blend into each other pretty well :)

These are the items I used for this mani. I used Elevation Polish Ridnitsohkka, Jengish Chokusu, and Muztagh Ata for the gradient and Sea Lore Seafetti for the accent nails.

 I tried it out on my pinky first and then decided it was a go...

 bumpy after sponging....

A little Seche fixes all the bumps and all thats left behind is a smooth gradient :)

 For my accent nails I chose Sea Lore Polish's Seafetti which was a limited edition polish. It's sparkly and guess what? It GLOWS in the dark!! Totally love it!!

Overall I'm really satisfied with this gradient :) It has given me the confidence to gradient some more hehe....I will definitely try again :)

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