Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obnoxious people made me bust out my manglaze...

Woa.. long time no post ;) ... anyways I'm starting to get back on track with school so expect to see more posts.. and yes once my paycheck comes in I'll be posting the next giveaway up... so onto the manicure.. In one of my management classes there's this obnoxious lady...and boy oh boy did I get irritated by her...every dang thing the professor said she would giggle or make some irrelevant comment that drove me NUTS!!! I'm so glad I'm not in her group for groupwork...*thanks god for small favors* lol...anyways this is going to sound really bad...but the first thing I thought of was Man Glaze- Fuck off and Dye..... I dont mean any ill will to her [other then like a sore throat so she wont say anything inclass maybe...] but seriously this was the mani related thought that came to this one's for you obnoxious lady from my class..hahah

So I did different "designs" on my hands but the idea was the same..and the same sentiment too.... haha...

On my right hand I did two coats of Matte is Murder..cuz seriously..murderous thought were swimmin in my head every time she joke... but this color is sooooo awesome...manglaze is just the bomb dot com....i just adore their matte polishes...

Next on my left hand i put on Man Glaze's Fuck off and Dye...such a pretty pink... Its just so lovely ;)

Then I layered China Glaze- Broken hearted on top of matte is murder and cracked concrete on top of fuck off and dye...and thats it... thank goodness I'm not in the same group as ms.obnoxious.. >.< I sit in the back of the class to avoid her as much as possible...

P.S go check out ManGlaze on facebook HERE ... they have pretty amazing stuff...if you have never tried a matte polish trust me..Manglaze is the way to go... I bought Santorum and Lesbihonest...can't wait to try em ;) You can purchase Manglaze in their shop on Facebook [on sale now for $11.82 each] or on amazon Here [Save 10% on each participating item when you spend $10.00 or more on ManGlaze Matte Nail Polish offered by ManGlaze INK.. Enter code OCCUPYME at checkout]Pin It

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Time For A Swap: Swapping with Patricia!

For my second ever swap I swapped with the lovely Patricia from The Nail Junkie (p.s she has a giveaway goin on right now..check my right sidebar for the link ^_^ )... on with the swap goodies <3..

I was so excited :)

Lookie at the packaging...its soo purrrty....I was like "WOAAA" when I saw the pretty paper then i went "oOoOoOoOoOoOo its sooooo preeetttyyyy O___O" when I saw the confetti thingy.. ;)

There was also this really awesome note :) *dang it this made me wish I had cats...they're so cute! but they can be moody too ;) love them!*

I requested Essie's As Gold as It Gets from her because I can't seem to find this collection anywhere here... >.<  I really like this color may be a better description for this.. Its so shiny O_O me likey! :D

and then being the sweet person that she is.... Patricia added in Revlon- Sunshine Sparkle in my goodie bag... LOVE IT... I didnt think I'd like the yellow but I was pleasantly suprised...

Go on over to Patricia's blog to see what I sent her {Here}... Thank you Patricia~ You rock ^_^
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Winners make me happy :)

and now we have the winners to my 300 + follower giveaway!~ *drum roll please*

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Time for a Swap: My First Swap With Leslie :)

A couple weeks back Leslie over at Lacquered by Leslie asked if I was interested in swapping with her..she wanted to get her hands on some Island Girl polishes and I was glad to oblige :) I sent over a bunch and she sent over a bunch back to me ;) She's such a sweetie!! Here's what I got :D

 lookie at the box.....gets me all excited :)

 It's like it was Christmas ^_^ look at all the awesomeness... lets get down to the details..

My very first Nabi polish!~ woo hoo... This is supposed to be Metallic Light Blue but in the bottle it looks more like light green...I shall investigate/swatch and show y'all when I gots the time ;)

hohoho then I got 2 Zoya's...the one with the shimmer is Nimue and the creme is Petra...both are so my cup of tea :)

Then I literally squeeled when I unwrapped these two... I LOOOOOOOOOOVE these... oh em gee... first was the multi chrome Lapis Amethyst and then there was a HOLO- Ruby Diamond... *drooools* love time a bajillion ^_^

Then I got these two glitter polishes..the glitter is kind of obscuring the brand name..>.< but its soo glittery...its so sparkly O_O

i also got these 3 Revlon pretties...hohoho the Passion Fruit and Peach Smoothie one smell so puurty...o_O um I'm not gettin high or anything but duude these smell niiiice~

Then I gots 3 Kleancolors...2 crackles a red and a purple..and one that was on my Wish list... the Chunky Black Holo!!!! OH EM GEEEE~~ I used this once already *from my previous post....did y'all guess correctly?? this is soo pretty...its like blue glittery but also green..but then you look again and its orangey-red... O__O pure awesomenesssss....

and I got 3 of these 10 Professional Nail Lacquers...I'm seeing great possibilities with these three...maybe a little water marbling action ;)

So thats all the polish I got and I love love love love love em~ Thank you so so so much Leslie!! ;)
But thats not all she sent........

She also made me this GORGEOUS!! ornament...i love it so so so so so so so much <3

Y'all should go check out Leslie's blog Lacquered by Leslie and give her some love ;) Tell her I said Hi :)

hehe swaps are so fun ;)
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