Thursday, November 28, 2013

Darling Diva Rose Opal Review

Woa..Happy Thanksgiving!!....its been a loong time since my last post but I'm excited to be back because I got bunches of stuff to post :) Be sure to stick around and see all the wonderful Darling Divas I got to review :) First up we have the gorgeous Rose Opal (which kinda reminded me of cranberry sauce haha)

In most lighting, this is a light cranberry rose color, the flakies really do shine through though. As you can see the flakies provide an intense blue and orange flash every so often... This is 2 thin coats and no top coat.


 I tried taking multiple angles/shots to really show off the flakies....its hard to capture all the prettiness on film...

 In some lighting (under white light here) it looks a more bright pink color...but the flakies still glow through....

Overall I really liked this polish. It was a little chunkier than I'm used to working with but it wasn't hard to put on or anything like that. The flakies really impressed me though. Like I said it was hard to capture their full beauty. The blue and orange flakes really had me distracted ;) I'd say this one is def. a keeper :)

Rose Opal can be purchased at Darling Diva's Big Cartel for 8.00 but WAIT there's a black friday promo going on so be sure to check out Darling Diva's Facebook page for more details! :)

*product provided for my honest review. Pin It