Friday, July 8, 2011

I Joined A Cult ;)

First off I would like to apologize and give a HUUUUUUGE thank you to Maria of Cult Nails. Waaaaay back in May *hangs  head in shame* she had a giveaway of her "A Day at The Races" collection. She had accidentally made one extra Blogger review package and she would give it to a blogger who started their blog before March 2011 and had the least amount of followers... I'm proud? to say I a HUGE Thank you!!! to Maria... but then I had to fly away to Hong Kong for a month so I didn't get the package before I left. The first thing I did when I got home was rush to my room and holler at my dad to ask him where he put all my mail that I got when I was away... but still this is over a month since I got the package so a big Sorry to Maria as well for posting this so late.... but I'm waay proud to say I'm officially a cult member.. so without further ado here's Cult Nail's A Day At The Races collection...
Ok here we go... all colors are 2 coats unless otherwise stated.

First up is Devious Nature... I was intimidated by this bold berry color at first and honestly I was prepared to not like it so much.....

 but then I put it on and wowsa.... I definitely give this a two thumbs up... its not shockingly bright but its bright enough to give a nice pop... the closest color i can think that it matches is the Victoria Secret drenched in Pink lotion bottle... i this berry color is a nice middle ground for those people who would like to try bright bold colors but aren't gutsy enough to buy that ruby red just yet...

Devious Nature is definitely a keeper in my book.

Next up we have Let me Fly..

 This teal-turquoisey color to me is like a dirty blue with a nice silvery bluey shimmer in it.

 In different shades of light this color is a bit darker turquoise...but the silver shimmer is still visible..

Close-up shot of the bottle...can you see all the silvery bluey shimmer? It's still visible when you wear it on your nail.

Then we have Cruisin' Nude..this nude-y color has a feminine touch to it..there's a hidden pink shimmer to it that is absolutely stunning..

 The shimmer isn't too visible but this color was opaque with one coat..I used two for these shots but this color is stunning

 It's hard to catch the warm pink undertone but trust me it's there..

I swatched a glass disk with two coats of this can see the pink shimmer more clearly...this is what it looks like on the nail...the pink shimmer is gorgeous~~

The last two polishes in this collection is Captivated (right) and Always Winning (left)

 Captivated is a jelly-like polish with a glitter party inside. The coral base is semi-sheer so it goes great for layering...

 Here is actually 2 medium-thick coats of Captivated...I was impatient but if you want you can probably get away with thinner coats for a better coverage or 1 medium thick coat as well..its up to you but this color is still a glitter party with only one coat..

For some reason my camera picked up more of the orange tones of this polish but its a wee bit more red in real life..

 Finally we have Always Winning... its an army green polish with gold glitter and holo glitter as well...this is only 2 coats but you can probably get a more intense color if you wanted..I liked the look with 2 coats so I stopped was super hard to capture the holo-ness though..

 close-up of the bottle to try and capture the holo-ness...

Even if you can't see the holo-ness in the picture the goldd glitter makes up for it I think. I like this color and I look forward to trying it on top of other colors...

And finally one big factor for me if I purchase a polish is it's chipability...I work in the library and I shelve a lot of books which is ~killer~ on my nails..I wore Devious Nature for 3 days before wearing it to work one day and it still lasted! I didn't even wear top coat with this and this was 2 coats of Devious Nature...also another test I have is if I can clip my nails while wearing the polish. I clipped my nails with Devious nature on with no didn't have any major chips at all I couldve worn this easily for a couple more days if I wanted to...

I liked this collection so much I rushed off to buy another one of Maria's polishes (Living Water).. Cult Nails polishes retail for $10.00 but if you follow Maria's Twitter ,Facebook , or blog she sometimes gives coupon codes or freebies so you might get a great deal :)

So far from this collection Captivated, Cruisin' Nude, and Let Me Fly is sold out....but Cruisin' Nude and Let Me Fly are coming back later so be sure to get your hands on them when they come back... unfortunately Captivated is limited edition and its already sold out....BUT..... if you go on Maria's Facebook and "like" Cult Nails once there are 1,000 likes Maria will give one lucky person all 9 colors in the Cult Nails line including get on it!! :)

*these products were sent to me for review*Pin It

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  1. HON ~ u gatta let me borrow crusing nude~ loving it~



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