Thursday, June 30, 2011

I wish there were blue skies...

So my time in Hong Kong is winding down but lately its been raining cats and dogs! I just miss the lovely weather of Hawaii soo much during these times.. so I did a mani to reflect my weather wishes :)

i used polishes that I bought from Hong Kong...

First I put on 2 coats of this sky blue was actually opaque enough with one coat but I wanted a nice thick coat to truly depict the blue sky that I wish we had here in Hong Kong...

Then I used a white color and used my dotting tool to dot some clouds on my ring finger and then started placing glitter in a diagonal line on my middle finger, thumb and pinky..I used glitter from Revlon-Rock, and the stinky silver glitter I bought in Hong Kong (check my prev. post to see which one I'm talking about)

then I went on to dot clouds on my pointer finger as well...

Then using Revlon- Rock I swiped on a layer of glitter on the outer side of the nails with the diagonal line of glitter ( i was careful to not let the big pieces of glitter onto the nail...i tried to place only the small silver and blue glitter)

Voila!!~~Pin It


  1. i love that blue shade! so pretty and definitely a summer sky colour :)

    shel xx

  2. 0o0~ Went Crazy in HK huh? probably super cheap~


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