Saturday, December 17, 2011

wow oh wow..a chance to be a julep maven for a PENNY~

wow oh wow...

Use code SHAREON to get your first maven box for A PENNY...yes ONE freakin amazing is that?? I loove Julep polishes...their formula is soo dreammy...

here's my refferal link: Click here  I really urge you to try their brand...they may have had some bad publicity recently but in my experience with them their customer service has been awesome and their products are awesome too...for one cent what do you have to lose? go try for yourself.... so go go go~ and try it out~

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  1. I'm seeing this 'Julep Maven for a Penny' everywhere! It seriously makes my dream of living in America bigger haha!
    Julep should really consider letting people outside of America becomes Mavens lol.. one day maybe..


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