Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sugar..Spice..and Everything Nice..with Chemical X (lots of pictures) ^_^

Do you guys get the reference from the title? It's from The Powerpuff Girls...which is one of my all time favorite favorite favorite series..ever!.. I loveed bubbles..she was just so adorable.. I was sad to see this cartoon go..

Aren't they adorable??!! It was my favorite show.....so what does this have to do with polish? Well..HITS brand came out with a line of Powerpuff girl polishes not too long ago and  I just knew I had to have em ALLLL... lol...there's 9 colors total..3 for each girl..and i did buy em all...ages ago, before Polish ninja had created the Ninja polish site, she used to do group buys and I jumped onto the bandwagon and ordered all the powerpuff polishes [ha! powerpuff polishes try saying that 3 times fast....] 

Since I ordered so much, they even came in a pretty little box ;] I love love lovee this... isn't it UBER cute?? O_O

So for each Powerpuff girl there are 3 colors that "match" them... first off I have my right hand which I used 2 of the colors from Bubbles[ the blue capped ones] and 3 from Blossom [ the pink capped ones]

 hehe....some bottle shots...there are 9 colors total in this collection and I did skittles of them thats why the thumb on my left hand is nekkid... >.<

Hand shots with various lighting... 2 coats for all colors...

 Okie doke...first off we have Doce de leite ...it's a milky caramel-y creme color.. it seems to me very conservative and feminine...HITS are a brazilian brand so the name is Portuguese..Doce de leite = Dulce de Leche (which is like caramel) and if you can see...it says cremoso which means creamy...

 Next we have Florzinha (Floweret or Floret) its a pretty pink color with a sparkle O__O..its a glittery almost dare I say glass fleck-y sparkle...the perolado throws me off because according to google translate that means pearly.. and err....this dont look pearly to me.. >.<

see the sparklies? O_O

and the last one from the Blossom colors is Girl power which is a bright creamy orange..its's sooo pretty..its neon but not in your face ew kind of bright orange...I really like this color..orange seems to be a trendy color this season ;]

Then we have a bright blue - Lindinha which translates to Bubbles... this is the sparkly color from the 3 colors from Bubbles.

Then we have a creamy purple color..I think its inspired by Octi (Bubble's favorite stuffed animal)

Then we have the rest of the colors...

 The last Bubbles color is Lovely...which is a pale dreamy yellow creme..

Then we have Docinho (which translates to honey....err...idk how this relates to Buttercup... >.<) its a light pale mint green creme color...

 Then we have Powerful..which is like a teal green blue.. Buttercup has always been the "tom-boy" of the three girls so I feel like this color really matches her...

Last up we have the sparkly from Buttercup called Elemento X..which translates to Element X (the mysterious element that gave life to the Powerpuff girls <3 ;] hehe ) its an almost black type of hunter green...the sparklies are hard to capture on camera but its puurtty... trust me..

See the greenish sparklies?

Hand shot...

Some of these colors can still be purchased in the Ninja Polish store for $5.50 each.

p.s. hehe And once again...the day is saved thanks to...THE POWERPUFF GIRLS <3 hehe...just had to do that...sorry ;] soo..who's was your favorite Powerpuff girl? Mines was Bubbles :)

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  1. I ordered these from Llarow and Ninja Polish it took me ordering from both to get them all. I love them and will confess it was the names and that I grew up with them. I wish I had a cute box or pouch like that to keep them in because in the drawers everytime you open and close the drawer they all fall over

  2. Ooooh! I love them! Especially Elemento X! Thanks for the swatches; I've been trying to find some good ones!


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