Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pastels!! My Easter Dotticure

It's SPRING! :) I'm so happy! Although the weather is pretty much always the same here in Hawaii I'm glad its spring! It's so so so rainy today so I needed some color to cheer me up :) I can't wait to wear more pastels and bright colors... I'm so ready! hehe... So to kick off Easter and Spring I did a pastel mani :)

I used 10 polishes to create this look...

Here's the polishes I used... All of them are Barry M...the top row were my base colors and the bottom row were my dot colors.... the colors from left to right are: Top: Strawberry Ice Cream, Prickly Pear Gelly, Lemon Ice Cream, Peach Melba, and Blue Moon...
Bottom: Raspberry, Plum Gelly, Silver Foil Effects, Grapefruit Gelly, and Indigo

First I used 2 coats of all the base colors....they all leveled out and reached opacity in 2 coats.

Then the fun part~ Dotting :)

Macros of my fingers.... *slight tip wear because I didn't take pictures until after work......*

Hope you enjoyed this dotticure :)

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  1. So so SO pretty! Love the colors and the combinations you made with them.


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