Sunday, May 19, 2013

Orange you glad its summer? I am :)

Today I have another lovely polish from The Nail Junkie... Orange :) It was sent to me for review and its really wow!

This is a part of the Neon Shimmer Jellies collection and it really is an awesome-ly neon color...

The shimmer in Orange is totally fact same as Strawberry, the shimmer is really pretty.

 One coat
 Two coats
Three Coats (with out top coat on the thumb)

This is all taken in artificial light in my house.... but when Orange is in the sun totally revs up..

 These were taken in indirect sunlight...

 Seems to glow huh?

 In sunlight...
I literally couldn't stop looking...

Orange can be purchased from The Nail Junkie's shop for $10. :)
Be sure to "like" the The Nail Junkie Facebook page to find out when the next restock is and more updates :)

*product sent to me for my honest reviewPin It


  1. SO much fun!!! I love orange myself so I totally understand :-D
    It's GORGEOUS!!!

    1. I actually saw your post using Orange and thats why I wanted it so so bad ;) hehe

  2. I love this post and your amazing photos. Thank you so much!

  3. I love orange too!! This is a great color! Now I want to go put it on next...sisterhood of the traveling polish! lol


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