Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sparkly Cheetah Spots...

I've recently bought a Nubar that I really like...its the holographic polish named Jewel..

Then with this nice sparkly brown color I decided to do a cheetah inspired mani... (also I think its partially because my co-worker was wearing a cheetah print top to work the other day..haha)
Then I used my bundle monster plate to stamp the cheetah print onto my nails...

Then as an accent finger I put silver shatter on top of my index finger...it didn't shatter as nicely as I hoped but I think its still nice looking..

And then these shots were taken in the sun... i reaally like the sparkly-ness of this mani..

So Im going on a trip soon and I had to pack what polishes to bring...that was one of the hardest thing to do! *sigh* All I could bring was whatever polish that fit into this bag... >.< I cant even remember what stuff I stuffed in there... *sigh* hopefully when I go on my trip I can pick up some more polishes... and hopefully I can still post every couple of days...hope everyone is having a great summer so far!Pin It

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