Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take A Sparkly Pill...

This mani is fast and most of my manis haha... I wanted to work with lighter colors so I used 2 OPI colors and the sparkle comes from a NYX girl polish and a Milani polish..

The pill title comes from the idea that like the Tylenol pills or the old school video games the pills were always 2 colors and the two ends were different colors like that..

First off my base color is from the OPI Pirates collection- Steady As She Rose... I used 2 coats for full opacity..

Then the other colors is from the same collection.. OPI- Stranger Tides...

To make the clean lines I used tape to tape off the section I wanted to use Stranger Tides on before putting on the polish..

Halfway through the mani I changed my pointer finger and did the opposite colors (base-Stranger tides, top- Steady As She Rose)..

I used NYX Girls- Prismatic Gold for the sparkly-ness on the top..and I placed the line of glitter using glitter from Milani-Gems..I specifically picked out the green and silver glitters for all my fingers except the pointer finger..

And then for the line of glitter on my pointer finger I specifically picked out the silver and red glitter...


Oh and by the way...this is the first time I'm doing a "scheduled" post...but when this is posted..I'll be on a plane to Hong Kong!! ^_^ so excited~~ should be fun! I already have another mani idea in the works its simple but hopefully I can get it up in a timely fashion...hope everyone is having a great summer so far!
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