Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everybody gets the blues sometimes ;)

Lately I've been soooo busy with school! >.< I hate that for some reason I'm always stuck doing powerpoints in class just because my group members won't man up to do it...*sigh* anyways but the good news is that even though I've been busy with school and work I've still been buying nail polish ;)...er wait would that be good news? um...well good for my mood but bad for my wallet..anyways I decided to do another simple ombre mani..this time with the on trend color.... Blue!!

I had to dig through my polishes swatching to see what blues worked the best...

Here are the polishes I finally ended up choosing... Essie-Smooth Sailing, Butter London-
Henley Regatta, Essie- Lapiz of Luxury,  Butter London- Lady Muck, and Essie Main Squeeze.
My pinky used two coats of Essie's Main Squeeze...I chose this because it has a grey like color but a sublte blue shimmer as well...

My ring finger used 2 coats of Butter London's Lady Muck...

My middle finger was 2 coats of Essie- Lapiz of Luxury...

I forgot to take a picture of my pointer finger...sorry~ >.<

and finally 2 coats of Essie Main Squeeze...

Then for extra glittery goodness I topped it with a layer of Hologram top coat (silver)..

Kind of blurry to show the holo-ey goodness


Oh and good news.... I won the giveaway over at Laura's Lacquer's Blog ^_^ *hapy dance!!* so excited!! but on a semi sad note... a follower "un-followed" me today.. maybe my blog wasn't right for them... oh well.. i guess you can't please everyone... I have a small small group of followers but I just want you to know you guys are appreciated!!! I ♥ you guys!!

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  1. I love ombre manicures :-)

    Congrats on your win!

  2. @Fashion Footing: I like Ombe Manis too..I think I might do another purple ombre soon ahah or a brown... haha I love them~ and Thanks for your support ♥♥


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