Monday, September 26, 2011

Stamping With BornPretty ^_^

A while back I got some items sent over to me from the Born Pretty store to review. I like shopping with them because they are reliable and they have a wide array of items...

The items I recieved included some stamping plates, the stamper and some polishes to stamp with...

The plate that I decided to try out was m60 with the dots,plaid squares,argyle pattern, a paisley like pattern and the flowers on the side..

I used the blue stamping polish and stamped the argyle onto my pinky and ring finger..

I had a base of Cult Nails Devious Nature..and the blue stands out quite nicely..I had some problems working with the stamping polish formula..the design wouldnt really stamp on properly...

then I decided to use the paisley like design for my you can see from this close up..the craftmanship of these plates are great~ just like konad ones...the polish I used was the white polish..

I was very pleased with the white..I was worried it wouldn't be opaque enough but still it came out okay..

Then finally I used the yellow for the plaid stripes onto my index finger...

For me personally I liked the stamper and the plates...the only thing i wasn't satisfied with was the stamping polished...I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture but the polish stained the stamp..there is a faint blue-ish tinge to my stamper now... the polishes dried really really quickly so I had a bit of a struggle to stamp the designs onto my nail (there's a bald spot on my pointer) and so because the polish dried so quickly it was hard to stamp the full design onto my nail sometimes... but I really liked the plates and stamper...just not the polishes..

Here are some more of the plates I recieved....

You can purchase 16 Set Of Plates for $11.49 or one for $2.32... the Dual Sided Stamper is $2.78
...and a Set of 5 Stamping Polishes is $6.19 ... These plates in my opinion work great and are a great alternative to the other more expensive ones out there..

*These items were sent to me to review.The content of the entry was influenced by the provider, and I get to keep the products for my own usePin It

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