Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Time for a Swap: My First Swap With Leslie :)

A couple weeks back Leslie over at Lacquered by Leslie asked if I was interested in swapping with her..she wanted to get her hands on some Island Girl polishes and I was glad to oblige :) I sent over a bunch and she sent over a bunch back to me ;) She's such a sweetie!! Here's what I got :D

 lookie at the box.....gets me all excited :)

 It's like it was Christmas ^_^ look at all the awesomeness... lets get down to the details..

My very first Nabi polish!~ woo hoo... This is supposed to be Metallic Light Blue but in the bottle it looks more like light green...I shall investigate/swatch and show y'all when I gots the time ;)

hohoho then I got 2 Zoya's...the one with the shimmer is Nimue and the creme is Petra...both are so my cup of tea :)

Then I literally squeeled when I unwrapped these two... I LOOOOOOOOOOVE these... oh em gee... first was the multi chrome Lapis Amethyst and then there was a HOLO- Ruby Diamond... *drooools* love time a bajillion ^_^

Then I got these two glitter polishes..the glitter is kind of obscuring the brand name..>.< but its soo glittery...its so sparkly O_O

i also got these 3 Revlon pretties...hohoho the Passion Fruit and Peach Smoothie one smell so puurty...o_O um I'm not gettin high or anything but duude these smell niiiice~

Then I gots 3 Kleancolors...2 crackles a red and a purple..and one that was on my Wish list... the Chunky Black Holo!!!! OH EM GEEEE~~ I used this once already *from my previous post....did y'all guess correctly?? this is soo pretty...its like blue glittery but also green..but then you look again and its orangey-red... O__O pure awesomenesssss....

and I got 3 of these 10 Professional Nail Lacquers...I'm seeing great possibilities with these three...maybe a little water marbling action ;)

So thats all the polish I got and I love love love love love em~ Thank you so so so much Leslie!! ;)
But thats not all she sent........

She also made me this GORGEOUS!! ornament...i love it so so so so so so so much <3

Y'all should go check out Leslie's blog Lacquered by Leslie and give her some love ;) Tell her I said Hi :)

hehe swaps are so fun ;)
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  1. I'm glad you liked everything. I wasn't sure what to send. It was my very first swap ever. So I just purchased things I would like. The only bad thing about swaps is when you go shopping you go one for you one for me. My two favorite polishes are Kleancolor & the Revlon Scented polish. I thought I had all the scented ones until I was looking for stuff for you. Then I saw peach smoothies & I didn't have that one so I got 3! ;0) then remember when I asked everyone if they could only have 3 polishes. I actually just wanted to know what you would say cuz I wanted to make you the ornament out of your favorites. So Thank God I had Teenage Dream since that's what you said. I had a great time. Thx for making my swap tons of fun! Much love.

  2. This is so wonderful!! :D I just received Lapis Amethyst from a friend too and it is so gorgeous!! :D

  3. Thats an wondefull swap! Congrats on your first!! =D


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