Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Time For A Swap: Swapping with Patricia!

For my second ever swap I swapped with the lovely Patricia from The Nail Junkie (p.s she has a giveaway goin on right now..check my right sidebar for the link ^_^ )... on with the swap goodies <3..

I was so excited :)

Lookie at the packaging...its soo purrrty....I was like "WOAAA" when I saw the pretty paper then i went "oOoOoOoOoOoOo its sooooo preeetttyyyy O___O" when I saw the confetti thingy.. ;)

There was also this really awesome note :) *dang it this made me wish I had cats...they're so cute! but they can be moody too ;) love them!*

I requested Essie's As Gold as It Gets from her because I can't seem to find this collection anywhere here... >.<  I really like this color..er...layering color may be a better description for this.. Its so shiny O_O me likey! :D

and then being the sweet person that she is.... Patricia added in Revlon- Sunshine Sparkle in my goodie bag... LOVE IT... I didnt think I'd like the yellow but I was pleasantly suprised...

Go on over to Patricia's blog to see what I sent her {Here}... Thank you Patricia~ You rock ^_^
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  1. Such a cute package! I love the note too!
    Way to cuttie! :D


  2. Nice swap! I can't find the LuxeEffect polishes anywhere as well so I had to swap for Shine of the Times.

  3. I usually get my nail polish at barterquest.com and offer my dog walking service in exchange. I can do what I love in exchange for what I love as well :-)

  4. I'm so glad they got to you and got there safely. And I love yellow polish! I bought this same bottle for myself. I plan to layer it with Sally Hansen Glass Slipper. At least now you own something different. ;)Thanks for taking part in the swap with me. I'd love to do it again!!!


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