Friday, January 6, 2012

Catch-Up Mani 2: Va Va Voom Red and other Pretty-ness..

I don't know if you guys heard...but I'm afraid of red polish...when I saw that I was getting January in my December Julep box I was afraid... but curious and excited at the same I left it and when it got to me and I wore it... and then at first i was scared but then I started loving it ^_^ i asked my buddies on facebook what kind of mani I should do with a bunch of colors...and here's what i came up with...

 This was a really rushed please excuse the not cleaned up edges and yuck cuticles -__-"....

My next mani was consisted of a polish that was on my Wish list for a while...but i never really wrote an official "wish list" so I kept forgetting about it... >.< but then recently I did a swap..and I gots it and I was over the moon :D

I used Illamasqua-Scarab as my base color...then i added this "wish list" polish on top.. *drools* its so darn pretty...can you guess what color it is? (I'll reveal in my swap post later... ;) hehe)

*sigh* boy oh boy this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice ;)

Close-ups... :)

 mmkay thats it for now...gotta go work on my swap post.... I have two of those... then its new manis...yay! ^__^
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  1. If this is kleancolor chinky holo black, it's been on my wish list forever too!I can't bring myself to buy it, because the only time I bought kleancolor I had a bad experience :( but I know it was just a fluke, so I shouldn't care..

  2. Wow my phones autocorrect... Chunky*

  3. Look at those flakies!!!! LOVE!

  4. YUMMY!! It reminds me of chocolate candies, mini version lol


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