Monday, October 22, 2012

My Cheating Pumpkins...

So I know im late but the Halloween challenge this past week was to make pumpkins...

i have to not a big pumpkin fan... >.< i know... its weird.. I think its because in second grade we made pumpkin pies at school....and right before the teacher put the pie into the oven...a fly..or a bug..not sure if it was a fly but it was a tiny flying bug..flew into the pie..and no one sai anything and then the teacher baked the pie...O__O needless to say i was spooked and i havent had fond feelings about pumpkin ever since.... *shudders* anyways...I cheated on this mani because I was still stuck in my Jelly sammie phase and well...the colors are pretty ;]

See...I think the colors are so pretty....but its a cheating pumpkin ;] 

 I went to my go-to jelly sammie making white color, OPI's Dont Touch My Tutu....two thin coats...

 Then I used Sea Lore's Adella and Attina.... ugh they're so pretty i could dieeee.... >.<  lol

A thin coat of Adella for all my fingers and two coats of Attina for my ring finger..

I then put a layer of DTMT on top of all the nails except for my ring finger ;) I wanted to keep that a nice orange color for the base of my pumpkin nail ;]

 I then used the pumpkin from Bundle Monster plate BM-222 and the squiggly design from the same plate as well.. (the one thats on top of the butterfly here..but it got cut off in this picture....)
 Stamped with a random black polish....
 Voila! my cheating pumpkin is complete!! ;] I love the glitters in Adella...the gold peeks out of DTMT and it looks so pretty!!

Go check out the legit pumpkins here... 

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