Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ozotic Beam 908 Review :)

So today I have a pretty gem to show you... Ozotic Beam 908 ^_^'s my first ozotic and boy I now know why so many people loove this brand!
 The description of this polish according to Picture Polish is :
Inspired by 'reflecting luminous light beams' hence the moonlight colours with sparks! 908 is jam-packed with pink/green sparks!
Over black or wear on its own so versatile! Layer over black and see 908 explode on your nail reinventing itself to light changing crystals simply amazing!
A magical transfomation in appearance that you need to see to believe! Colour varies depending on the angle the light falls on your nail!

 That description is very true...this is Ozotic Beam 908 over a black polish...

 Some bottle shots for you can see this polish is packed with different glass flecks...the pink seems to shift to purple and the yellow shifts to green...

Here I have 3 coats on my Pinky and my middle coat on my ring finger and pointer finger...I put a thicker coat on my pointer finger but as you can see it does seem to be patchy no?...If you want to use this polish as a topper or just wear one coat..I found that the best way to apply this polish was to do the least amount of strokes as possible or else it may drag off some of the polish and you'll have bald spots..but if you use more than one coat then no worries about application ;)

These are macro shots of my pinky and middle finger. This is 3 coats and it does provide enough opacity to wear this polish on its own if you want. The pink/yellow/frosty white color is really prevalent like this. I think if you wear this polish on its own its rather festive.

These are macro shots of my ring finger and pointer coat for both fingers. With only one coat you can still very visably see the nail line...I don't really like wearing this polish like this...only one coat seems rather sad. On my pointer finger you can see that there seems to be a patchy spot on the top right side.

In this shot the patchy-spot on my pointer is more apparent...

As 908 is layered over black the green flecks immediately pops up...and the purple shift seems stronger too. It's a completely different look.

These macro shots are all one coat of 908 layered over black. I think especially on my pinky you can see the distinct pink/purple/green/yellow shifts...

I really really like 908 layered over black...I couldn't stop looking at my nails! It really has a different look to it depending on what light you're in. I like that it has a green/yellow dominance but there are scatters of the purple/ first when I was taking the pictures I thought it was my camera reflecting off my nails but nope..its just 908 in it's glory ;)

Ozotic Beam 908 can be purchased at Overall Beauty  for $14.50. 

*this product was sent to me for my honest review, for more information see my Disclosure policy
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