Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shimmer Polish: Eva~

Today I have a great holiday color...and I gotta say I was pleasantly suprised...I think this color is one of those colors like Chanel Malice where at first I was like meh....but after I put it on I was like O___O duuuuuuude this is so pretty!! haha... anyways...back a couple weeks ago, I learned about Shimmer polish. The Shimmer philosiphy is really sweet:

 "My polishes are named after my wonderful friends and family. Each and every name has an important significance to me. Each shade of Shimmer is inspired by that person, from favorite colors, things that are reminiscent of that person, and even personal requests from these great ladies. Each and everyone of my Shimmers have shaped and influenced me to become who I am today. In a way, this is my tribute and gratitude towards having so many amazing people in my life."

So I contacted Shimmer polish to see if she'd like to meet up with me when she took a trip over to my rock :) but alas it wasnt meant to be (maybe next time ;] ) but anyways she was super nice and sent me 2 polishes to make up for it! Today I have Eva which I'd call a blackened cherry/ burgundy color...its so pretty the pictures really don't do it justice...

I love how in some lights its brighter but in other lights the "darker" side really comes out...oh and did I mention...there's tiny silver glitter in it tooo! It's actually a jelly-ish base with black/red glitters and tiny silver glitters too.

See? It's totally awesome for the holidays!

In differeny lights the burgundy looks different :)

 3 coats for all my nails....and top coat to smooth it and make it even more shiny..

This is 2 you can see the base is nice and jelly/squishy :)

Shimmer Polishes can be purshased via: Shimmer's  Site , Shimmer's Etsy Shop or even at Overallbeauty. Shimmers retail for 12$ but the awesome part is that for $15 Shimmer can also create CUSTOM polish for you! yep you heard me...thats so cool isn't it...It's just like naming your own star hahah....

P.S When the sun finally decides to come up again I'll swatch the other Shimmer I got...its one that I love love love too!

*Products were sent to me for my honest review*

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