Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Elevation Polishes...Ridnitsohkka and Catch a wave

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!! Its a new year so time for a brand thats kinda new to me...If you asked me a month or two ago if I knew about Elevation polishes, I would've said "Yea...I know of them....but have no clue how/where to get them" but now I'm the proud mama of 5 yes FIVE Elevation Polishes :) Today I played with more neutral colors and I picked the beautiful Ridnitsohkka (<-- ha! try reading that five times fast!) Thats another thing that I love about Elevation polish...so many names are inspired by mountain names or climbing related. According to Lulu from Elevation Polish " Ridnitsohkka is the 1st highest point fully inside Finland. Ridnitsohkka rises to an elevation of 4,321 ft. It's not the highest of mountains it is gorgeous non the less. It’s light grey isolated appearance was a beautiful color inspiration. You can see for miles. the nearest town is 50 km away." y but above all that..its a gorgeous creme polish thats a greyish color with a subtle but gorgeous green shimmer...well enough of me rambling...lets get on with the polish :)

I like that is understated but the glitter of Stay behind, Catch a Wave gives it some pizzaz...

Some lovely bottle shots of Ridnitsohkka...

 If you look closely you can see the green shimmer :)

The grey is predominant but in some lights the hidden green shimmer that was seen in the bottle can be seen on the nail as well :) I used 2 coats and top coat :)

Bottle shots of Stay behind, Catch a Wave...

I love the complexity that Catch a wave has.. There's large blue round glitters, mini silver and blue round gliters and also iridescent sparkles and some micro holo glitter too..

 Elevation Polish restocks on vthe 7th and 22nd of each month at  the storeRidnitsohkka is 8.00 and Stay Behind, Catch a Wave is 10.00. P.S it wasn't till watermarking the photos did I realize there was a smear of polish on my pinky..sorry bout that -__-"

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  1. I love the glittery one! Happy new year :)

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  2. those large dots!! I love them ;) gorgeous mani!

    1. Thank you ;) Actually I think it was Elevation Polish that got me addicted to Circle glitters haha


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