Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Picture Polish Demeter :)

I've been a very good girl in much so that Santa dropped me off a late Christmas present... It was one on my wishlist for a while...Picture Polish Demeter which is A Harlow and Co Exclusive! :)

 ugh! Isn't it pretty? Who knew brown polish could be so gorgeous? The sparkly holo flecks are much more sparkly in the sun :)

 Some bottle shots for you guys....

 It was hard to capture the true sparkliness of Demeter on film but its definitely there...
See!! Sparkly goodness!! :) Once again I'd like to thank Santa to giving me such a beautiful polish

P.S. Picture Polish Demeter is Exclusive to Harlow and Co but its sold out... but you can buy it via Picture Polish Online for $14.50 :)

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  1. Gorgeous color! I need it! Your nails are looking awesome!!! :)

  2. Oh that is SUPER pretty! A very nice present! It sure is nice to be surfing the nail blogs again! But it's giving me a bad case of the lemmmings.

    1. hehe I know exactly how you feel! I'm on a no buy again haha..Add it to your wishlist!! Who knows? Maybe someone will RAOK to you one day :) Thats how i got mine :)


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