Saturday, October 1, 2011

ManGlaze..I freakin love you~

Recently I've become the very proud owner of 5 ManGlaze Matte Nail Polishes... dude these things are CRAZY good... >.< at first I only bought Matte is Murder and Fuggen Ugly but after seeing The TraceFacePhiles swatch ILF......I got tempted and ended up buying F^ck Off and Dye (loove that name btw), ILF, and Cabron..

They are so great....

A whole bunch of goodies were also in the box that the polish came in... :)

The names crack me up...I didn't have time to do full swatches of each color so I did a mani using every color...

Here's the names/order of what's what... Pinky: F^ck off and Dye, Ring Finger: ILF, Middle Finger: Cabron, Index Finger: Matte is Murder, Thumb: Fuggen Ugly..

First up, F^ck Off & Dye...even if I hated this color I would've bought it anyway cuz the name is that great...but I love pink so this color was great... its a great bright pink in ManGlaze's signature Matte finish... loove~

Next up, on my ring finger was ILF...this turquiose-y blue-y color is soo pretty! I really can't find another color like it... and once again the matte finish makes it that much more great...

on my middle finger we have Cabron...which is a really deep purple-y color...sometimes it seems black but it's actually a deep purple-y blue-y color...i think its a nice alternative to black sometimes..

Next up...Matte is looks simple but its not...there's a sheen of glittery awesome-ness that can be seen...more pictures towards the bottom of this post..

and last but not least... we have Fuggen Ugly which is anything but ugly...this grey color is subtle to me is a good substitute when wearing black may be  a little too much for you..

I wore this mani for like a week...and it was great...the tipwear was almost non-existent..which is a big plus for me..

These two pictures were taken 3 days into the mani and look at the non-existent tipwear...this stuff wears like iron.. I just couldn't believe the wear on these... I shelve a lot of books at work (seen above..both sides of that cart are THAT packed) and I do one cart that packed and then other not as packed carts but it's hell on my nails....most of the mes I have to change my mani not because I wanted to but because it chipped after work or had bad tipwear so I needed to change it..Manglaze did not let me down..that stuff is great..I freakin love it!!

This is a side by side comparison of Matte is Murder( left) and Cabron (right) can see that on the right there is a purple-y sheen to it..and the glitter-y matte-ness is stronger then the black....

Here is the side to side comparison of Cabron (left), Matte is Murder (middle), Fuggen ugly (Thumb)
There is a difference that can be clearly seen in the three colors... but if I had to choose only one... I think I'd stick with Matte is Murder...that is so classic~

I did a quick full-on Matte is Murder mani but didnt take too many pictures.. I did switch it up a bit by using Seche Vite top coat on my index finger...

Look at that shimmery awesome-ness...that is a the greatness of Matte is Murder..
 and not matte...I really like that with a top coat I can transform the polish into a different look.
 that is so dang awesome... -_-"

I was so excited about my ManGlaze polishes that my mom was like "oh do my nails too" she has Cabron on all her nails except her ring fingers which I used F^ck off & Dye for her left hand and ILF on her right...

Currently Manglaze can be purchased on their Facebook Shop in which they are having a SALE..Matte is Murder and Fuggen Ugly normally retail for $6.66 is now $5.99 and the other colors are usually $13.13 are now $11.82... you MUST go check it out... or you can click to their Web Page to see more options (like to buy through amazon, facebook, or via their site)

I'm getting tempted to get NawSome Sauce and Royal Matterimoaning but alas I need to wait awhile at least until my paycheck comes to me... -___-"" so I'll leave you with one last picture of my ILF full mani...

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  1. I do love a matte nail polish. I might have to buy some Fuggen Ugly :-) And I really love seeing Nawesome Sauce, plus that name is hilarious!

  2. the matte trend is really stickin to me ;) plus ManGlaze makes such a great formula.. can't wait till my paycheck comes..then I'll probably buy a couple more hehe

  3. O wow, I love the matte. I actually dont have any matte polishes in my collection. I will have to get some!

  4. trace face's blog with your package sent me here ;D awesome blog!!

  5. @Mee: Definitely go get some matte polishes...they're great! ^_^

    @-Alex: Thanks for the support ♥

  6. The Manglaze names are a bit... Cabrón means bastard in Spanish, lol.

  7. *drooling* Have you tried any other matte polishes, like the Zoya mattes? I REALLY want to get some mattes, cos I've never tried a true matte, and I've been debating which brand to try lol.

    BTW, I'm a bit new to your blog, so HI! I'm curious, how do you pronounce your name? Is it pronounced kinda like "Sway-Ling"? lol hope I'm not butchering it in my head. Have a good day. :)

  8. OMG I LOVE ALL OF THESE! I have been eyeing Manglaze but so many holiday collections have been coming out that i've put it off but seeing this has me drooling!

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