Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Time....Time for Lovely Little Things First Giveaway!

Wow..over the last week or two I've gotten lost more followers and as a thank you I want to host a giveaway! ^_^ Obviously no purchase or anything necessary to win....and there will be 2 winners :) .. Here are the prizes:

Two lucky followers will get to split these goodies... here's how I'm doing it... I'll pick 2 lucky followers and the first person I choose will get to choose what they want first..then the second person will get whats left...Here is how I'm splitting it...

First you get to choose between either on of my prep products.. Island Girl Cuticle Oil or this nifty Japanese Nail clipper that I use (it helps you cut your nails to the (IMO) perfect shape)...

Next Choose between this lovely Color Changing Island Girl polish (changes to a pinkish color) or Wet n Wild Morbid...

I love glitter so next choose between OPI Muppets Rainbow Connection or OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream

Next up choose between these gorgeous glitter flakies from Island Girl...Mahalo Dream on the left and Island Volcano on the right..

Then choose between Del Sol Ruby Slipper (which changes from silver to red in the sun) or China Glaze ghoulish glow...

and last but not least choose between these two hello kitty nail art stickers :)

This giveaway is open until November 7th.

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  1. Thanks! It's so nice with giveaways ^^

  2. Lovely giveaway!
    But unfortunately I can't follow you, your GFC button is disabled... :-S

  3. No Thank you to all you wonderful people! Please also participate in the poll on the top right regarding the upcoming giveaway!

    @Kvacka....hmm I dont know why that happened...I pushed up the gadget on my blog..please try again^_^ thanks for your support!

  4. Thanks so much! I do not own any Island girl nail polishes , so i'm really excited!

  5. PS didn't leave a favorite, because I don't have one!

  6. your giveaway "method" is soooo creative!! it ensures that the participants READ, and we get to choose our gifts if we win them!

  7. Thanks for sharing your blessings!

  8. I am happy to be your 200th follower :)


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