Monday, October 31, 2011

Onto the next one...Lovely Little Things passes 100 followers! ^_^

At first I was going to wait till next week to put this up...but I got antsy and decided to do it now :D ... so over the past week or so I've passed the 100 mark and the 150 mark.. while I'd love to do a giveaway every 50 followers, its not feasible for me so I've decided to do it every 100 :D ok here we go... There will be two winners for this giveaway...

Two lucky followers will get to split these goodies... here's how I'm doing it... I'll pick 2 lucky followers and the first person to mail me back  will get to choose what they want first..then the second person will get whats left...Here is how I'm splitting it...

First you get to choose between Nails Inc. Magnetic polish in Trafalgar Square or Houses Of Parliament...

Then choose beween HITs No Oimpio in Ares (this is a holographic polish from Brazil...Its brand new...I ordered it from Llarowe thinking yes I shall wear red! but when I saw the red in the bottle I got I'm givin it away....I always want to wear red polish but I end up getting intimidated by it >.<woa got off track there sorry...) and Barielle- Gold Digger

Giveaway ends November 21st. Good Luck and Thank you for your continued support ^_^
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