Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Spot Trixie and Size Matters

Woah I've been gone for soo long...I just came back from a loong vacation in Hong Kong and I finally got my school situation settled. I havent told a lot of people but hwat happened was that basically I had to go to a community college this past year due to "bad" grades and this coming semmester I'm readmitted back into my university~ yay! anyways imma BACK and here's my mani ;]

I was so excited to get to play with Black Spotted from OPI's Spiderman collection. This is an exclusive to France but luckily I had connections and my buddy Benedicte from I'm Anaa! got one for me :]

First I put on Essie's Size Matters which is a dark red (this picture doesnt do it justice...its actually a bit darker) on my pinky,middle and index fingers...then I put Zoya's Trixie which is this silver almost foil glitter on my ring finger and thumb.
 Then comes the fun part. I applied a thin thin (the key is to have a little polish on the brush as possible) coat of OPI's Black Spotted onto the Trixie nails...

 It "spots" instantly...sort of reminds me when you have oil and water or something to that effect...on the thumb you can see I started a stroke on the right side first and then the middle then the left...the right side had more polish so there weren't as many "small spots"...


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  1. So cool! I love the way that Spotted looks over the silver!

  2. This nail art is different! So cute and I've loved the spots!
    Esmaltes, Makeup & Cia.


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