Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pastel Rainbow Mani~

Okie doke...I finally went through with it!... a couple a week? maybe more ago... I posted a picture of a pastel rainbow mani that I was thinking about doing and today I finally went through with it...

Here's what I used..Sally Hansen- White On as a base coat since I wanted the other colors to pop and show without me sponging a million times.. then for the Rainbow I used OPI for Sephora- How Cute is That?, Havana Dreams, and IM Beauty

Using a regular cosmetics sponge I swiped on the colors and how I wanted it to be on my nails..

As you can see after the first "sponging" its reaaally light still you have to wait for it to dry (relatively quick since its such a thin layer) and then repeat..(swipe on polish onto sponge..then sponge onto nails)
This is what it looks like after the 3rd "sponging" but I wanted the colors a bit darker so I went ahead and did it a few more times...its totally up to you how dark you want the colors...

After you finishing sponging you just have to clean up around the cuticles a bit because sponging is a wee bit messy...

Then i slicked on a coat of OPI- I Juggle...Men to give it a bit of shimmer...and a Fimo flower just because its almost spring... top it all off with Seche and voila! a Pastel Rainbow Mani <3
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  1. wow well done. imaginative and quite unique.


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