Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swatches of my new polishes...

Now that spring break is over and school is back on track I feel like I may have less time to play with my nail.. >.< so sad... we'll see though.. anyways a few days ago I posted about the new polishes I bought...

and I swatched one finger of each color but I didnt post those pictures..

First was this No Miss polish.. personally I've never heard of this brand before but I was shopping around at my local Down to Earth store and these polishes were on sale and the gorgeous blue-purpley shimmer in the bottle caught my eye. It's so pretty!

 Next was China Glaze- Candie... this was 2 coats on the nail..it still looks good but I think I'd use this over another base color to give it more oomph.. *the pink glitter is ah-mazing....its a totally different glitter then the OPI/Katy Perry- Teenage Dream..

Then came Nubar- Prize... this is the 3nd bottle of Nubar I have..but the first that I could use as a color on its own...I have Nubar 2010 and another Nubar that is more of a glittery coat that I use as a top coat instead of just polish...I think this color is nice but it doesn't really compliment my skin tone that well..I think I'll end up using this for when I do nail art...

Then came Essie-Sew Psyched.... I've been lusting after this polish for the longest time ev-er! Living here in Hawaii there's not many places that sells Essie or even if they do, I dont have a wide array of colors to choose from..I found this little baby on Amazon for 5.99 plush 1.50 shipping I think...waaay worth it...I'm soo glad I bought this!

And finally OPI Designer Series-Radiance.. This silver is so reflective...its pretty stunning...there's not much I can say about it ;)

Then before I took off everything I tried a coat of Candie over the DS-Radiance...the peachey Candie over the Reflective silver gave this an overall milky white/grey color...very interesting combo.... and then over the No Miss polish it subdued the hot pink color a bit and gave it some glittery-ness...

From then to now I'm happy/sad to say I bought some more to my collection. I'll be swatching and taking pictures of them soon ;) ciao~Pin It

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