Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dots are so much fun...

The other day I had a girls day out with my girlfriends and wow I spent a bunch of money on polishes hehe... That day we went to Ihop and we walked around in Waikiki and did manicures...overall it was a fun day... I bought a couple of Zoya polishes and I did a fun dot manicure..

I used Zoya's Cheryl and Tallulah for this color scheme... I really liked this design and color but I decided to change the color scheme when I got home...

I used Blair and Pasha for my dot mani when I got home..

First I alternated every other finger with Blair and Pasha (*sigh* Blair is such a pretty deep ruby red...I love it...its such a dreamy color~)

Then using my dotting tool I placed 3 dots of Pasha onto my Blair fingers..I placed the 2 larger dots first then placed the small dot in after (I used the bigger end of the dotting tool to create the bigger dots and the smaller end for the small dots)

Then I put the Blair dots onto my Pasha fingers..

Voila!I'm glad I took off the blue/brown scheme.. I like this color scheme more.. it feels like its more feminine and I think the two colors compliment each other more then Cheryl and Tallulah...

and then here are some shots of my girl's day out manicure fun..
hehe our table spread out with all sorts of goodness...

This was my friend's mani..she used OPI- Meet me on the star ferry and Princesses Rule... this makes me want to pick up a bottle of princesses rule too ;)

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