Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pink Sundae :3

Wow 20 followers..thanks for all your support! So my co-worker Jennifer just came back from her trip to Seattle and she bought me some polishes from the Julep Salon...so I decided to do a cute girly mani with them....
My co-worker bought me the pink, purple, and gold. I used Essie's Little Brown Dress for the "chocolate sauce"

This pink color is called Reese and it has a nice bubblegum pink creme finish.

First I did two coats of Reese..(the formula was a bit thick but it wasn't bad where a little nail polish thinner couldn't fix)...

The purple (Anne) was hard to capture...it is actually a middle tone of the two pictures..I changed my mind after I took all the mani pics so I don't have pictures of my ring finger "in the process" of turning into purple.

Then I used Essie's- Little Brown Dress to create the "chocolate" sauce that "drips" onto the nail.

So its relatively easy, just use a rather thick coat of polish that you would like to use as the "sauce" and then from the top 1/3 of the nail just make random strokes to give it that drippy sauce effect.
As you can see it doesn't need to be neat or uniform on every nail it can be free-handedly done

For my purple nail I did a gold "sauce" I used Julep- Sienna.

Then for the "cherry on top" I added rhinestones to the top right corner to each nail. voila!

Now here's a peek at my stash of polishes ^_^

Here's all my OPI's and Sephora by OPIs

Here's China Glaze, Cult Nails, Nars, Seche Vite, Holo Top Coats, and Star Gazer polish

Here's my Zoya, Essie, Color Club, Milani,Nubar, Loreal, Sinful, Orly, and Jessie's Girl polishes

and my last box is my Revlon, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, NYX, random polishes from Hong Kong and my stamping polishes (konad and bp store)Pin It

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