Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Midnight Dots

Even though its Spring time I've been obsessed with China Glaze Millennium... I love the shininess contrasting the dark colors so today I did a Polka dot mani.

I didnt clean it up yet and I actually swiped some polish on my palm with my dotting tool so sorry for the messines ;)

First I started with 2 coats of  OPI Russian Navy- Matte

Then using the back of a random BM plate I put a dot of CG Millennium and I used my dotting tool to make different size dots onto my nails...then I also cut a slice of Fimo Nail Cane (Chanel logo) to place onto my ring finger nail (b/c there was a tiny part that was messed up and I wanted to cover it up hehe )

I DID NOT put top coat on this mani because I feel that SV actually dulls the shininess of the millennium and it kind of defeats the purpose of having a matte color...maybe if i decide to keep this manicure on a while then i'll put top coat on it.. but until then it's done after I clean up my cuticles :)Pin It

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