Thursday, April 7, 2011

Purple Ombre nails~

It's raining cats and dogs here right now >.< wow... anyway today I decided to tone things down and just do a simple ombre mani. Lately my subconscious has been helping me buy a lot of purple polishes.. I didn't even know until today haha...

At first I thought it would be real quick but then I decided it was a bit plain so I added some glitter topcoat.. in the end it took a while to wait for the colors to dry and the topcoats to dry...but overall this mani was faster/simpler then stamping or other nail art...

Here's what I used... Nubar- Purple Rain Glitter (thumb), Zoya- Mira (index), OPI for Sephora- Iris I was Thinner (middle), Milani 3d Holographic- Hi Res (ring), and Essie- Lilacism (pinky)

Then to add some pizzazz to the mani I added a layer of both Northern Lights gold glitter topcoat and OPI Femme De Cirque- I Juggle...Men to my index and pinky fingers... and also I put a thin thin thin layer of OPI for Sephora- Too Good For him to my middle finger...

Macro shots of index and pinky fingers....can you see the glittery goodness?


*after the edit*
finally! let there be sun! hehe...its so glittery ♡ ♡Pin It

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