Saturday, April 23, 2011

OPI Pirates of Caribean Swatches ^_^

I totally loooooove this collection...I think this is the first time I've ever purchased almost the entire collection of polish... Out of the 7 introduced I purchased 6... the only one I didnt buy was Planks a Lot...

Here are all the colors I bought including my ALL-time FAV~ the Silver Shatter

 First off we have Mermaid's Tears which is this really nice and creamy jade green color... I reached full opacity with 2 coats... the top picture is with tungsten white balance and the 2nd is custom white balance and its more to the 2nd pic's color...

Then we have Skull and Glossbones.... I'm a sucker for greige colors and this one does not disappoint..this is like a lighter shade of melted coffe ice cream...or khaki pants....once again full opcity with 2 coats...and 1st pic is tungsten white balance and 2nd pic is custom white balance...

next we have Steady as she rose... this may seem similar to the Skull and glossbones but dont let the second picture fool you...there is a distinct hue of pink in this color which makes it a great feminine color..with 2 coats you can still kinda see my nail line but I feel that it was opaque enough for me...

Next up we have a bolder milky pink creme color Sparrow me the drama... at first I was hesitant about this color but I've grown to like it...its a creamy pink and full opacity was reached in 2 coats... it was hard to capture the true color of this polish but i'd say its somewhere in the middle of the 2 pictures (tungsten wb in 1st and custom wb in 2nd)

and then we have stanger tides...this is my absolute fav. in the collection. its a milky green/greige color...I has that hint of green but its not too green..❤

and then....drumroll.....the Silver Shatter... oh my is AMAZING! at first I was once again skeptical because I had a hard time working with Black shatter but this went on like a dream... it crackled perfectly and I love love love the results... I put if over Stranger tides and I like the subtle effect it gives off...from far away it seems like a silvery mani but when you look closer the greige/green color peeks through... love!!

Here I experimented with some other light colors...I'll probably experiment with darker colors next time..
 Over Stranger Tides..
 Over Zoya's Adina
 Over China Glaze- Peachy Keen
 Over China Glaze Re-fresh Mint

 Over China Glaze- Something Sweet..

looove the shatter....what do you think? ♡
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  1. Oooh! new shatter colors. I'm loving the Skull and Glossbones. I need to check out my local beauty store for these babies.

  2. The silver shatter worked really well... I was surprised that it was so shiny like foil and I loved that it shattered in big chunks so the bottom color peeks out... I think OPI is also coming out with more colors(blues, red, white ) shatter and I think Sally Hansen will have some shatter polishes at a more affordable cost too...comes out may or june I think :)

  3. I'm in love with these new crackle polishes. The next time I'm out I'm going to have to pick up a bottle. I think I might also pick up Mermaid's Tears. I'm loving the pale green trend right now. Thanks for the swatches!



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